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Developer Docs: April round-up


Hello, and welcome to the April round-up of updates and additions to the Skedulo Developer Guides. We’ve made some great changes to make these guides more complete and easier to use!

Breeze UI

The template and column editing examples in the Overriding system-generated pages and Create and customize list views sections so that they use our Breeze components. View the Design System documentation to view the full range of interactive Breeze components and tokens and discover how you can build and enhance your Skedulo Pulse platform pages.

List Views

The Create and customize section has been restructured to make it easier to navigate.

  • The Filter and sort list views article has now been split into three articles: Sort list views, Filter list views, and List view columns.This reflects the order of the three options available on the header of a default list view.
  • There is a new Customize list views article that provides some tips and suggestions for editing your list view templates.

Record Access Policies

Record Access Policies (RAP) is a very powerful feature that gives you the ability to control the records that are visible to users based on a set of flexible rules of your choosing. The feature is still in beta, but the user guide has been updated to explain the template and associated functionality that is available in the web app.

Triggered actions

Two new articles have been added to the Triggered actions documentation about updating and deleting triggered actions:

  • Update a triggered action to change the object and filters used to identify the trigger, or the configuration of the action, such as the template of the SMS message being sent or the URL of the external web service being called.
  • Delete a triggered action that you no longer need to keep running.

Ongoing upliftment

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the usability of the developer guides and to help ensure that the content is up to date and complete, we are making incremental upgrades to each section. This month it was the turn of the Deskless Productivity Cloud fundamentals section. You may notice very small changes to the structure of the section, including consolidation and refreshing of content pertaining to the use of the REST APIs and GraphQL. We hope these changes aren’t disruptive to any of our readers. Please let us know if they are, or any other feedback you have about the changes!

Bug squashing

We have ironed out some small bugs that crept in during the recent migration of all documentation to a single tool, including fixing links, smoothing over inconsistent styles, and catching some cases of outdated content. This included clarifying in the developer guide that the standalone/permissions/role and /custom/permissions endpoints are deprecated as was already indicated in the API docs.

Coming soon

Record Access Policy developer docs will be available soon, when this feature becomes generally available. These aim to help you gain a deeper understanding of when records will be accessible to users and when they will be hidden, based on the rules that you set up. They also go through the record access policy functionality that is available through the APIs.