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Developer Docs: March round-up


Hello, and welcome to the first of our monthly round-ups of updates and additions to the Skedulo Developer Guide. We’ve made some great changes to make these guides more complete and easier to use!

Filtering list views

Work on the Pulse Platform is ongoing to improve filtering and sorting capabilities in list views, and we’ve now added the first of these updates to the Developer Guide. See the following sections in the Filter and sort list views article for more information:

Rules Service

We’ve made quite a few updates to documentation for the Rules Service, however, please note this feature is still in beta.


The API documentation is updated to include the Rules Service API. This API enables you to manage core and custom rule violation records, and implement custom rules to identify and manage when schedules are in violation of specific use-case requirements.

Rule conflicts

If you want to understand more about rule conflicts, you can check out the new Schedule rules and violations (conflicts) article, which covers things like how rules work, the types of rules that are available, and where to find violations that have been detected.

Custom rules

Learn how to extend and customize Rules service functionality to suit specific organizational requirements. See the following articles for guidance on how to achieve this:

Documentation styling

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes this month as we work to firm up our in-house style guide so that we can improve styling consistency and provide a smooth customer experience across our whole range of documentation. Some of these changes have already started trickling through, but rest assured that there is more coming!

Coming soon

Look forward to new articles about record access policies, and custom actions, as well as further updates to the list view and template editing documentation, ongoing style improvements, and a levelling-up of the GraphQL documentation.