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Announcement: The new Skedulo documentation site is now live!


We are very excited to introduce to you our new Skedulo documentation site. Whether you want to learn how to create a job, understand how to optimise your scheduling, customise your user experience, or develop on the Pulse Platform, you now only need to visit one place:

So, I hear you ask, what’s new?

Perhaps most obviously, there has been a massive design level-up. The slick new design not only looks beautiful, but makes navigating our documentation easy.

We have made our first big push to create a single source of truth for our documentation. Everything you might need to aid you as you navigate through or develop on the Skedulo Pulse Platform is accessible from; from user and developer guides, to reference material, to links to our support site and developer blog, it’s all there!

We also now have a great new developer landing page over at If you’re building on the Skedulo Pulse Platform, this should be your first port of call. The developer landing page gives you quick access to all of the content available on the docs site as well as our developer blog.

You can now search both the User Guide and the Developer Guide simultaneously, meaning you can get access to relevant documentation faster. The search results are prioritised based on where you search from, so if you’re in the User Guide, results from that location appear first in the list.

Of course, we didn’t want to waste the opportunity to improve the information architecture of our documentation. The process of migrating content to a single source presented us with the perfect opportunity to restructure our User Guide documentation and move to a more task-based approach.

Having the User Guide and Developer Guide in the same place not only makes your life easier. It also helps to foster a culture of collaboration between our teams. A single source of documentation is far easier to maintain and update.

Ah, but what about bookmarks? Not to worry! We have added redirects to all articles from the Knowledge Base so it will be simple to locate the new home of your most often visited content.

We hope you are as excited about exploring our new documentation as we are about bringing it to you. However, this is just the beginning, we will be continuing to improve the site and we’d love to hear your feedback!

As always, you can reach out to us on Twitter @SkeduloDevs or LinkedIn with questions, feedback, or just to tell us about something cool you’ve built.


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